“The month of March is very important in my life”-Harbhajan Singh

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“That memorable moment when we won the match against Australia in 2001, it was not just our victory. It was a victory for all of you.”-Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh

Former India player Harbhajan Singh has uploaded a 13-minute and 55-second video on his official YouTube channel. In the video, he can be seen smiling and discussing the significance of the month of March in his life which is now getting viral among his fans.

Here’s what Harbhajan Singh said in the beginning of the video, “The month of March is very important in my life, in this month I played my first test match for India. The Kolkata Test match was also held in the month of  March in which I took my first hat-trick. I met my wife in March and her birthday also comes in March. This month is really important for me.”

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Referring to India's 22 year old test- match in Kolkata, Bhajji said that the month of March is as important for him as it was for Team India also.

“That memorable moment when we won the match against Australia in 2001, it was not just our victory. It was a victory for all of you. Because at that time Team India was going through such a phase where match-fixing allegations were going on against many players. At that time it was very important to win the trust of the people. And at that time winning the match in front of Australia was also a big thing because there were many veteran players present in this team”.

In this video, Bajji talks about the 2001 test match against Australia in detail and says,

“On the first day of the match, we felt that we would lose the match and these people would throw us out of the team, then we would have to go out for work, because only two wickets of Australia fell before lunch. But Australia's 10 wickets fell while reaching 275 runs”

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Further on in this video Bhajji said,  

“When I was younger, I used to think that I would also get five wickets in a test match, and this was the game where I did it. Usually, when we were walking from the stadium to the hotel, the squad clapped for Sachin Paji, but on that particular day, it was for me. It was a special moment, and this game gave me a new identity and permit”

“Our batting order was changed, at number three VVS Laxman played an outstanding 281-run innings. Rahul Dravid, who was placed at position 6, also played a magnificent 181-run innings. We won the game with six overs remaining by 171 runs ”.

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