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Impact of Bruno Fernandes on Manchester United

Manchester United has been suffering ever since the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson left the managerial role in 2013.

Let’s take you back to the time  - Well, a background is a must to know! 

Manchester United has been suffering ever since the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson left the managerial role in 2013. The team that feared no one and had every title known to their name has been struggling to win a single trophy. Many players have come and gone since then but to no avail. No player has had any kind of significant impact on the team's performance even though Manchester United has spent nearly $1.85 billion in transfers. 

There have been players such as Radamel Falcao, Alexis Sanchez, Angel Di Maria, and Romelu Lukaku who graced the Old Trafford but failed to make any significant impact. One player, however, has had an incredible impact on the Red Devils and has become an integral part of the starting 11 and the team as a whole. 

A Legend - In The Making

That player is none other than the Portuguese Bruno Fernandez. The compatriot of Cristiano Ronaldo has been a monumental figure since arriving from Sporting Lisbon in January 2020. He made an immediate impact and scored goals left, right, and center for the Red Devils. That's not all, the Portuguese made assists in nearly every match. His contribution has been such that he has contributed to a goal in every match since arriving from Sporting Lisbon. 

Manchester United fans must be contemplating how things would have been brought in earlier. This year he is the second person along with David De Gea who seems anything like a real football player since no other player has been even close to giving good performances. The year 2021 was incredible for Bruno Fernandes, and he gave glimpses of what could be and what's more to come.

Manchester United is one of the most successful clubs in English football

The Performances

2021 saw Bruno Fernandez single-handedly potentially take Manchester United to Champions League places when he scored eight goals and gave seven assists in just 14 matches. The Portuguese's contribution was over one goal per game, and that is nothing short of incredible. 

His exploits have recently earned him a contract extension at Manchester United with his weekly wages doubling from £120,000 to £240,000. He is a passionate player who demands more from himself and his team players every second of the match. A proven match-winner, Fernandes has all the qualities to become a legend of the game and is well on track. 

He has recently seen a slump in form and time will only tell when his form comes back. However, one thing is for certain, his impact on Manchester United has been nothing less than incredible. No other player since Eric Cantona has had such an instant impact. Bruno Fernandes has slowly become a fan favorite and looks to contribute even more under the new reign of Erik Ten Hag. 

What Does The Future Hold

What remains to be seen is how his performances are impacted under this new regime and whether he can be the player he was in the 2019-2020, and 2020-2021 seasons. One saving grace in these two seasons was Bruno Fernandes, and fans are hoping for his resurgence. 


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