Chennai Super Kings v Mumbai Indians at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai (night), T20.

Manchester City wins the title, trumping Liverpool on the final day

The Premier League consists of 20 top English Clubs that play for the coveted Premier League Trophy.

Premier League - Ringing any bells?  

The Premier League consists of 20 top English Clubs that play for the coveted Premier League Trophy. The teams that finish in the top 4 get the chance to play in the prestigious Champions League and every team in the Premier League aims to finish in the top 4. 

Oh Man! United's got a bad time!

If the Premier League is an empire of euphoria then Manchester United is its emperor. 

Winning the maximum number of titles (13 times) since the inception of the premier league, 1992. However in the last decade with the departure of Alex Ferguson, a continuous fall has been seen in the performance of Man United. This gave the opportunity for their arch-rival Manchester City to steal the game for a long time. 

A good show from City and Liverpool

Guardiola's side lacked a good start, but if comeback is a virtue, then City boys are built with it. Just after one loss to Tottenham Hotspur and 2 draws they formed their steps and didn't lose even once in 27 fixtures. 

Liverpool is getting better and luckier with every passing year. The 1 title of Liverpool is no judgement of its great performance this season. The reds lost just two games all season long making it hard for them to lose the league. Thus, all was set for a great battle between City and Liverpool.

Kudos! Manchester City seized the Victory

On the final day of the league, all unexpectedly found their space. Guardiola's side lost a major part in the very beginning by getting two goals behind. Liverpool hyped it's all hopes with a lead of 2 goals but just then started, even more (crazier events). 

Ilkay Gundogan unfolded his class and proved the City's metal with the astonishing fight back. In a very dramatic finish to the league race, City showed a late 3-goal comeback against Aston Villa crushing all the chances of Liverpool and making history by winning 3 premier league titles back to back.


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